Rob Lytle

Sales and Marketing Director  

A born and raised Vancouverite, Rob attended university where he earned his degree in Business Administration and Marketing.  After completing university, he spent a year surfing some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  When he returned to Vancouver, he worked in advertising but inevitably went back to school where he earned his diploma in Communication Arts. Rob is an avid adventure seeker with a passion for all things design and a penchant for wine gums.


Thiago Roberti Paes 

Sales and Financial Director

At the age of fifteen, Thiago moved to Munich, Germany to finish high school, learn the language, travel the continent and start university. The Brazilian born creative moved to Vancouver in 2006 to learn English and continue with his university studies where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies with a Minor in International Business.  Thiago is a multilingual, roller-coaster loving, fashion aficionado with a serious fear of spiders.