Garment Project is not like any other brand. Their passion for minimalist design combined with a Scandinavian touch, were just some of the foundations when Garment Project was established in Copenhagen in 2013. With a desire to stand out as the supplier of everyday essentials across the world, Garment Project unites the casual attitude with coolness and the importance of great comfort.

The footwear collection from Garment Project concentrates on beautiful, quality made footwear with unique details integrated with the technical building of the shoe. The aesthetic mission is to bring together timeless designs with a contemporary feel.

After conquering the hearts of Hong Kong based sneakerheads from Hypebeast, these trainers are all your feet have been waiting for. Don’t let their simplicity fool you. Under the minimal and sleek façade lies great attention to detail. LEATHER and suede are the materials of choice and you can find them in different colourways.

Whether you’re a big fan of high or low tops, there’s a huge and easy to wear selection for you to choose from. The entire range features must-have pieces and we can guarantee you won’t be able to keep your hands and feet off them.