Elpidio Trading is a Vancouver-based trading company with a passion for design, marketing and global lifestyle brands. With an eclectic outlook on fashion and a global network, our goal is to represent, distribute and increase visibility of international brands in the North American market. Collectively, we are a strong team with experience in marketing, advertising, public relations, sales, merchandising and design. Our vision is to build relationships, develop brands, and provide the most current fashion and lifestyle brands from around the world. 




Our Story | The Legend

Elpidio is named after our dynamic Grandfather who was a pioneer in the fashion industry in Brazil. Dedicating his entire life to the fashion industry and following his passion, he founded two large high-end department stores as well as a clothing production company. 

We honour the late great Elpidio and follow in his example.

Elpidio Roberti - grand opening 1954